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Software Development

Nuevonix is prominent Software development and Industrial Automation company, driven by industry experts. We aim at creating powerful and effective web applications that meets the exact requirements of our customers in an efficient manner. We are specialists in application development that uses advanced web application frameworks . We also perform mobile application development and the team at Nuevonix had developed various apps that functions well with the existing mobile operating systems.

As a strategic implementation partner, we are committed to building long-term perspective customer relationships underscored by Strong business acumen, flexible pricing structures, strong business outcomes, and unrivalled customer support. Our technical team operates on making your business run smoothly and efficiently and also help you to achieve success by fulfilling your needs and requirements.

We provide perfect solutions starting from prototyping, database queries, and development of software applications and their installation, training and maintenance. We provide you perfect business solutions by cutting off the operating costs. Redundant and duplicate data are eliminated. Our technical team takes proper care to eliminate any kind of repeated or duplicate data.

Software Services

Customized ERP Software

Evaluating your current software can save time and money for your business, as sometimes; there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Because ERP systems integrate all aspects of a companyís operations, they decrease the order-to-cash cycle. The speed of the order-to-cash cycle determines how quickly a company gets paid for its good or services after the sale. We developed simple & user friendly interface to match the current manual system,Efficient way of tracking the processes,Improved efficiency in the process and Easy report generation

Mobile Applications

We have been successfully developing and delivering Mobile applications as per our client requirements. We can help you in achieving your goals and we donít want to limit ourselves to just mobile development and we are good at developing customized apps also. Join hands with us and revolutionize the existing software trend.What are you waiting for? Visit us with a mobile app development proposal and we will turn it into reality.

Kibana ELK Dashboard

Kibana is one of the major reasons that developers, DevOps engineers, and IT teams opt for using the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) for centralized logging. The ELK stack provides a set of utilities and applications, each one serving a distinct purpose, which, when combined, create a powerful search and analytics platform for your business. Our clients are able to browse all the data collected, ensuring they have all the attributes needed to generate reports and dashboards, on as small or as large a scale as required.

E-Learning & JobPortal

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