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Nuevonix is a leading research, technology and design focused product company.

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Nuevonix is prominent Software development and Industrial Automation company, driven by industry experts. We work with some of the smartest software-driven businesses around the world including software product start-ups as well as Fortune 100+ companies. Our technologists, engineers and designers are skilled at understanding the fundamental science, whether itís demonstrated on a lab bench, on paper or in a very early prototype.

With more than 15 years of experience in commercializing advanced technologies, the team focuses on creating a robust, usable and reproducible versions of that technology so it can be integrated into a product or system.

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We're in a Creative Space and opening the door for ideas

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We understands the needs of a Web Presence in today's Business World

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We understands the requirements, resolves the query.


We ensure that all our actions reflect honesty, transparency and integrity.

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Affordable Industrial Automation ,Web Development and Software Development services are possible at Nuevonix


We offers the best , Well-trained & Qualified Professionals & We have the courage to accept challenges and give our best attempt to succeed.


Premraj A.Prabhakaran is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for Nuevonix. He formed the company in 2013, the year that Nuevonix has started the R&D of its first product - an automated machine in smallest size for pasting the labels in complex shaped bottles for the edible oil industry.

Originally from Palakkad, Premraj held an engineering degree in Electronics & Communications from Calicut University, Kerala, India. Prior to forming Nuevonix, he held project engineer & leadership roles in various companies like Radiance, Think3 Designs, Encora Technologies, Nest etc. He has extensive global experience in the Software Development, Industrial Automation, Semiconductor Fab Automation & Robotics across India, USA, Europe, Middle East. He has associated with Nest Corp(USA), Rudolph Tech (USA) for silicon wafer handling processes, DWFritz (USA) for the robotics in Iphone Manufacturing and System-Logistics (ITALY) for the automated warehouse handling. He has exposure in Nuclear Energy Automation as well.

Mentors/Advisory Board


Prof.P Nandha Kumar

Head of the Department (ECE)
NSS College of Engineering


Mr. Libu Mathew

Yazata Consulting

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